Shine Events

Location: Shine Family Chiropractic
Date: Ongoing

Our Shine & Grow IO team provide health education and personal development workshops to engage our clients in holistic conversations. We believe that everyone deserves the tools and perspectives necessary for their healing journey. From breathing to spinal hygiene to emotional trauma integration, our events are sure to bring a new "lens" to your perspective. Our vision is to create a community centered on health & wellness across all areas: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. By creating a safe-space, we hope to help you find clarity in your purpose. As we come together to grow and integrate, we hope to serve one another and create deep, meaningful relationships. Topics will include:

  • Mind-Body Awareness - Instruction and hands-on exercises with Cameron Brownley, D.C. & Brandon Belk, PLC
  • 100 Year Lifestyle Education - Information provided to equip you to make healthy, holistic decisions.
  • Pregnancy & Prenatal Education - Latest research and Chiropractic lifestyle awareness with Natalia Brownley, D.C.
  • Trauma Identification & Integration - Safe-space to bring to surface past traumas in an intimate, group setting with Lauren Belk, CHt
  • Community Gathering - Fun opportunities to develop friendships and lasting bonds!