Services We Provide

Instrument Adjusting

We are not attached to the noise! Our care is neurologically focused and seeks to provide inputs that the Nervous System can receive. These inputs are used to create peace, ease and balance within the body. As such, we have a variety of tools to provide a more conservative style of care for those who are interested. Activator care: Utilizes the high-velocity, low-force Activator tool to "bypass the soft tissue" and provide a direct, brain-stimulating impulse directly to the joint. Arthrostim care: Utilizes the Arthrostim tool to reset muscle spindles, mobilize joints and provide "postural input" to the Nervous System. Our team is trained in Chiropractic Bio-Physics protocol to provide corrective adjustments for those with increased or decreased curvature in the spine.

Chiropractic Care

Our office will provide you with the highest quality Chiropractic care in a safe, supportive environment. We start every adjustment off with "breath work," coaching you through establishing an increased Brain-Body connection. We use a full-body, tensegrity based approach. The body is intimately interconnected, we cannot touch one part without affecting the whole. If you are in the middle of health crisis from a new injury or a chronic condition, our care will provide you with the tools to gain relief and stability. If you  are ready to make the critical transition to a healthier lifestyle, our Shine team will guide you. We pride ourselves in empowering our clients to think BIG as they commit to care and create their ideal 100 Year Lifestyle. Lastly, if you would like to use Chiropractic as a lifestyle decision, our care will enable you to build neurologic and bio-energetic strategies for a heightened ability to integrate stress and life experiences. Dr Natalia and Dr Cameron's approach uses a combination of the Bio-Geometric Integration and MLS, taught by Dr Sue Brown and Dr Arno Burnier respectively. Both approaches emphasize reverence, connection, and listening when facilitating an adjustment. In combination, the result is a global assessment of the "neurospinal system" with transformational adjustments. Shine care emphasizes a "peace & ease" component which is important to ensuring the forces - whatever they look like - are actually going into the spine and Nervous System. Simply put, we are really good at listening to the human body. Each adjustment may be totally different. It simply depends on what the body is asking for. The Shine team uses aspects of Activator, Chiropractic Biophysics, Thompson, Network Spinal and Toggle recoil for analyzing and applying nerve-restoring forces to the Nervous System. This is done in an honoring approach. Our adjusting art is constantly evolving as we add more tools to our practice to provide you with the highest quality of Chiropractic care!

Family Care

From the first breath of life to the last, we believe that everyone deserves to have a healthy Nervous System! As such, our office provides family care for everyone from newborn babies to seniors and everyone in between! For babies and toddlers, we want to ensure each child is tracking along towards their developmental milestones and optimal pediatric health. The birth process is one of the most traumatic events our Nervous System and body undergoes. We love to check our Shine kiddos for nerve-interference and help mothers make congruent healthy decisions for the whole family. Additionally, Dr Natalia and Dr Cameron are both Webster-certified and can offer Chiropractic care specific to pregnant mothers. Our gentle, effective Chiropractic care can help ensure that everyone in your family has a healthier spine and Nervous System. When whole families commit to care, they often find a lightness and ease settle into the household. We love helping families function and integrate life at a higher potential! Request and appointment for yourself or your entire family today!

AIP Paleo Coaching

The root of the cause of all disease is inflammation. Doctor Natalia has dived deep into her healing and has learned how to take control of her health with lifestyle changes. Doctor Natalia is an AIP Paleo Certified Coach and she shares with her people the amazing power of the body to heal from the inside out. The Autoimmune Protocol is a Paleo approached elimination diet and slow re-introduction focusing on gut health and reducing inflammation. Doctor Natalia recommends this type of approach for people dealing with any autoimmune symptomatology or any person that wants to heal their gut naturally. Good nutrition is an essential part of The 100 Year Lifestyle. For most of us, it is simply a matter of having the willpower to eat the things we should and to not eat the things that cause discomfort & inflammation. Often, it is simply a matter of reducing processed foods, refined sugars, alcohol, and gluten/dairy. These tend to be the most inflammatory factors affecting the body and Nervous System. Let's give your body what it needs! Dr Natalia loves to work with clients to develop step-by-step strategies to develop a rich, wholistic, and organic diet. Just like any healing process, it is a journey for everyone and there is no "cookie cutter" diet. Dr Natalia helps you to bring awareness to your eating patterns and offers viable options based on the newest research. She offers a Nutritional Consultation for current clients and will work with you to find a good balance! Book a Nutritional Consultation here: Asheville Clients Brevard Clients Also, Doctor Natalia offers a 7 day elimination meal plan for those who are interested in starting this process and need some guidance on how your meals should look like. Purchase 7 day Paleo meal plan Stay tuned in for health & wellness tips! Instagram: @shine_family_chiropractic Facebook: @shinefamilychiropractic

Performance Based Care

Performance based care is for anyone who is serious about stepping it up in their career, sport, or in the game of Life! We often talk about "raising the threshold" for our ability to integrate Life, flowing through challenges with more confidence and peace. What is necessary to get here is to cross the threshold, to move through what we call the "Critical Transition." The Critical Transition is all about regeneration and rehabilitation. Sure, the care can get you out of pain, but this is perhaps the lowest attainable goal. Instead, we focus on showing up for the care with consistency regardless how we feel. This is what's necessary for the Nervous System to adapt and heal. When we reset the Nervous System time after time, this enables adaptation. Our body gets to actually change and the physiology establishes itself at a "new normal."With each adjustment, the prefrontal cortex of the brain "lights up." This stimulus can help enable new nerve connections which results in new behaviors. Old challenges and stress-inducing patterns fall by the wayside as your Nervous System integrates life at a higher level. Stress becomes now an abnormal state as you remain balanced throughout a variety of situations. Simply put, the care in our office is life-changing for those who commit. The Critical Transition is what is needed to set in a new normal, one in which your mind and body are clear, cohesive and connected. In addition to the adjustments, Dr Cameron offers an Integration Training service that is comprised of: spinal hygiene movements, resistance stretches, movement routines, visualizations, meditations, and "True Self" mindfulness recordings. Integration is all about forming the practices and rituals to balance our "Mind-Body" so that we can be consistent in how we show up for life. The "Basic" and "Comprehensive" Integration Training service is available for current practice members: Asheville - Integration Consultation  Brevard - Integration Consultation We often find that the people who commit to the care and themselves on multiple levels get the fastest, most significant results. Send us an email or ask a Shine team member next time you're in for an adjustment to inquire further about Integration Training!   Learn more about the "True Self" perspective: Instagram: @trueselfchiro

Shine Events

Our Shine & Grow IO team provide health education and personal development workshops to engage our clients in holistic conversations. We believe that everyone deserves the tools and perspectives necessary for their healing journey. From breathing to spinal hygiene to emotional trauma integration, our events are sure to bring a new "lens" to your perspective. Our vision is to create a community centered on health & wellness across all areas: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

By creating a "safe-space" to express and integrate Life experiences, we hope to help you find clarity in your purpose. Through basic breathing and spinal hygiene movements, we hope to inspire an increased capacity to express compassion. As we come together to grow and integrate, we hope to serve one another and create deep, meaningful relationships. Topics will include:
  • Mind-Body Awareness Workshops - Instruction and hands-on exercises with Cameron Brownley, D.C. & Brandon Belk, PLC
  • 100 Year Lifestyle Educational Events - Information provided to equip you to make healthy, holistic decisions.
  • Pregnancy & Prenatal Education - Latest research and Chiropractic lifestyle awareness with Natalia Brownley, D.C.
  • True Expression - Safe, supportive community for practicing public speaking and for integrating experiences, thoughts and feelings. (Cameron Brownley, D.C.)
  • Trauma Identification & Integration - Safe-space to bring to surface past traumas in an intimate, group setting with Lauren Belk, CHt
  • Community Gathering Events - Fun opportunities to develop friendships and lasting bonds!